WHat is Substitute Creature?


noun: a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.


noun: an animal, as distinct from a human being.

Artist Bio:

Substitute Creature is the latest manifestation of songwriter Collin O’Toole, comprised of inveterate performers of the Denver scene. Substitute Creature breaks hearts with each performance, keening with Jeff Buckley like grace through idiosyncratic entirely melting compositions on tastefully effected electric guitar. 

Their first group recording, 'Sinking In', was tracked primarily with Engineer Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound, and was finished at Moon Magnet Studios with Producer/Engineer/Artist/DJ Reed Fuchs of local favorites Décollage, Bun Bun, and Moon Hammer. ‘Sinking In’ is available all major digital platforms.

Write Ups:

"Earnest, soulful contemplation in guitar and voice.” - Miles Wilder

“The level of passion and talent that is being channeled through this music is stunning to say the least. Definitely stuff that can make your hairs stand on end.” -Ricardo Bonilla

Substitute Creature Are:

Vocals, Guitar / Collin O’Toole
Bass / Z Low
Drums / Joseph Tafoya


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